PFCTs: Post-facto Configuration Tinkerers

Here lies some thoughts regarding the systems that run the systems that in truth, run some of the most important software and services in the world today.

The term PFCT (Post-facto configuration tinkerers) is used in jest to refer to the current (ie. previous) generation of systems because such a large range of terms have been used for these systems that in truth fulfil parts of this spectrum of functions, and because we know that they do not really do things 'right' (eg. too much manual process, limited portability to other platforms, etc.).

Forward-looking Features

This is a list of features you should ask for in your infrastructure abstraction system.

Presently, I'm not aware of any open source tools actually offering this complete feature set in a decently adaptable way.

Network Related Features

Excerpt from Software-Defined Networking: A Comprehensive Survey, Kreutz et al. Version 1.0, May 31, 2014 follows.

See also the opendaylight, project floodlight SDN controllers, Giacomo Bernadi of NGI Italy's SDN for real! RIPE 2014 presentation and Open Networking Foundation (OpenFlow).

There are also some insights in to attempting to get SDN working with current high-end vendor gear (optical and layer3) in 'NTT GIN SDN' RIPE 2014 presentation.


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